Monday, August 4, 2008

Website updated

I updated my website with a new design this weekend. There are some new pieces in the galleries as well. The squirrel logo was something different for the page for a change. I figured it would reflect me well, since lately my mind has been dwelling on woods and forests a lot and squirrels are seen as busy bees and thifty (-like my husband sees me).


F.X. said...

Hi Mirka:

I like the design of your light box.
Have you had any problems with heat buildup?

mirkah said...

No, I think it is roomy enough, you could always drill some holes at the top if you are worried about it. The black lights dont seem to heat up as much especially since exposure times are only 1.5 min.
I built another smaller one for my studio, and made the side panels out of leftover pieces of that masonite that has holes in it. That works well too.