Monday, April 14, 2008

Two new prints

I worked hard this week/weekend! The theme was cow breeds in Finland that are about to go extinct. One is a 3-plate linocut and the other is a photopolymer intaglio plate. For the photopolymer, I made a drawing first, then I scanned it in and printed it on a transparency to expose the plate. Here is the first proof that I pulled off this morning. For more information on how this process works visit Dan Welden's site

Friday, April 11, 2008

Exhibition coming up

Coming up:

Art Biologic (juried exhibition) at the Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY.

Show will be from May 3-24, 2008

Visit for more information.

Reception May 3rd, 4-6pm.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


So I make some crafty things too. An image of one of my creations was published all the way in Australia in Frankie Magazine!

Website up and running

After ironing some kinks out, the new website is up and running. Please check it out at!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

new series- lightboxes

I am working on a new series that incorporates screenprints and lightboxes. Heres a couple of images of the work in progress. This is the first prototype for the box, and I think it works well. So I might keep it like this for the rest of the series too.

The paper is handmade by me from recycled soymilk cartons. They are all the same size, so I have to come up with something to vary the series up. The text and images will relate to dairy factory farming and problems caused by it.

welcome to my blog!

Hi, I just started my blog. I am in the process of reconfiguring my website, and thought I'd start a blog to go with it. Here you'll see glimpses into my studio processes and craft mania. I plan to post works in progress, crafty bits, inspiration and other artsy things that I get involved in.