Saturday, August 9, 2008

Second bird print

So I finished printing my second bird solarplate this afternoon with the help of my husband who willingly submitted to helping me wipe plates and blot paper. I had a hard time proofing, and trying to figure out colors. I printed one proof on a animal book page, below, and thought it looked nice, but then figured since I don't have similar pages, all the prints would be really different and decided to ditch the idea. I might print some stragglers later on on sime different papers just to try the idea out once more.

I also attached the colorproofs and separations so you get a better idea of the process I go through. The last print, I drew with pencil on mylar, this time around I used a water soluble color pencil (black) on the same material. I like the texture from the pencil better. It was easier to get an even grainy surface, so from now on I will use it. The only bad part was that you can't erase mistakes as easily.

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