Thursday, August 14, 2008

Third Bird

Two new prints to share. I have been working so hard this past week, to get these done. Next week when school starts, my time to work will diminish to next to nothing. I am teaching at Armstrong Atlantic State University, and just recently got a bid to teach a drawing class at the Macintosh Art Association, so that increases my load a little.

So I did one more bird solar plate, and editioned the cow print for the portfolio "Picturing the Beast". I had to print the cow prints on the press at school, since my little press at home was too small for the paper size. I'll go pick up those prints tomorrow and add a pic. I changed the colors a little for the final print for that.

The other print is another bird common to Finland in the winter time. The three birds, especially the Great Tit and Eurasian Bullfinch are birds that I remember watching from my grandmothers kitchen window every winter. They bring back a wealth of warm fuzzy memories to me. This one, I don't have pictures of color separations or proofs yet, but will add them later.

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