Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Printmakers Today

I got home last night after a meeting in Seattle, and found several boxes on the doorsteps. I was so excited when one of them was actually for me! It was the books I ordered from Schiffer Publishing. I was so excited to flip through the pages and see my own images printed in color inside. The bookgoes over the basic techniques of printmaking and then features a nice variety (63 to be exact) of printmakers works. Most of them working in the US.

I was honored to have been picked to be printed with both of my teachers Barb Elam and Juergen Strunck, and a list of friends I have gotten to know over the years. This is definitely something I'll be proud to share with family. I got the second book to take home to give to my parents.

On another note...

When I print by hand, I always end up having a lot of misprints. I hate to throw my sweat and tears away, but what to do with them? I have been storing a stack for a couple of years now, it does keep getting bigger, but here's at least two things you can do:
Make cards, I made this one for my father inlaw's birthday by gluing a speech bubble cut out from a comic strip. The bubble says: "Is this magic potion?". The card went with some locally roasted coffee. He loves coffee and drinks it all day long, so I thought it would be fun to send him something different to sip on for a change.

I am a member at a co-op gallery in Seattle- La Familia Gallery. One of the artists there, RobRoy Chalmers, is a printmaker too and he does some nice installations with torn up etchings. They can be as big or small as you can imagine. I have a miniature one at home that I bought at our last Christmas sale. It's only 5x5" small. So cute you just want to cuddle up to it.

More next time, I still have to write about the intaglio class I took, before my letterpress class starts...

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