Friday, February 12, 2010

Photopolymer / Solarplate Links

I had a great time doing a demo on polymerplate printing last tuesday. Here are some of the resources that were on the handout for the class:

Where I buy my plates: Kim Becker - owner, very nice. You can tell her Mirka sent you. She is very helpful over the phone and has very affordable rates. Only minus is that there is a minimum 8 plates per order. 8.25 x 11.5” plates come out to be about $9-10 with shipping.

I also buy relief plates for my letterpress from, they also have a service where they will make a plate for you. All you have to do is send your digital image in.

How -to solar - or photopolymer plates:

Dan Weldens website

Australian site with nice pictures and info

information on how to prepare your digital files

instructions from Jewelery or relief point of view

About bookmaking

Supplies (prices 2/2010):

Dan Welden's Site 8x10 - $18

McClains 8x10 - $16.95

Takach Press 8x10 - $15

Dick Blick 8x10 - $11.95

Takach Press 8x11.5 - $10/$16

plate making service

NA Graphics plate making service

Recycling your plates:

Keep polymer out of landfills and out environment, after you are done with the plate, send them to Boxcar Press.


Printmaking in the Sun - Dan Welden over $100 on Amazon (out of print)

Printmaking with Photopolymerplates- Dianne Longley $45 with shipping

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