Sunday, December 20, 2009

New video up!

I finally had some time to squeeze in editing Karen Kunc's demo video. It is very long, and because there is so much to learn about her technique and process of working from sketches to finished print, I pretty much left it all in. You can go to youtube to check it out. It was taped at the Sev Shoon print center in Seattle this fall.

At the same time as Karen's demo was going Zha Sai, another visiting artist, was working on a relief print on the other side of the room. I was sorry to only catch on of the demos on video, even though both were brilliant artists. (Photo on the left taken by Janet Marcavage)

I am always interested to see how different printmakers register their prints. Karen used a larger block of wood that the paper could be registered on and run through the press- as you can see if you get a chance to look a the video. Zha Sai had a brand new apparatus that was so simple, yet, I had never seen one before. She registers her paper only on the top edge. I wish I would have had a regular camera with me to take a picture of her printer's helper, but since I don't have one, I'll try to sketch it out quickly for you. It is basically an L-shaped piece of plexiglass that she places over her print so that she can align her paper registration marks on the top of the page. So simple, but if you ever see her her, it must work well, since her prints were amazing.
If anyone else has a chance to try this out, let me know. I'd like to hear if it works as well as it looks it would.

It has been a super busy fall for me, hence the absence of me in the blogsphere. I have some test results from z-acryl plates, I wanted to post in the near future (tomorrow maybe?). I am renting a small studio space out to print in in Tacoma, and am teaching small classes in printmaking from there. Here is a short video of a day of printing from my beginning polymerplate class. You'll see it's a really small space, but if there are 3 or less people printing, we could make it. I am looking forwards to teaching more classes after January.

I also took a polymerplate + letterpress class in Seattle this fall and had blast learning about the vandercook presses. The class was taught at SVC by Chandler O'Leary. She added some pictures of work made in the class on her blog here. I put some pictures of the class on flickr with pictures of two small tabletop presses I am in the process of fixing up. The last parts are with a friend who is helping me out by welding a broken part and making a small chase for the Chicago #10 press. I am so excited to see them both put together and working again.

Upcoming in the new year are a portfolio and a solo show in February that I should be getting ready for. More to come on news and upcoming events in the next couple of posts.

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Evan Jensen said...

Ok, I found you via Printeresting and then onto Etsy. And this post here? SUPERBLY helpful. I always get frustrated registering relief prints.