Friday, June 5, 2009

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I have been working hard to print some of the plates that I have been working on. I had 4 plates, but no prints, so yesterday, I made a couple of hours time for myself to pull a couple of proofs off of each to at least start the edition. I wanted to have some ready to go for our reception at Grand Impromptu tonight and for a fair tomorrow. I still need to go back and take the time to properly finish printing each edition.

I have some fun and exciting ideas for the blog in the future, so stay tuned for those. I am on twitter now too, so you can follow updates there from all my sites.
Here are some pictures of the new prints:

The Eavesdroppers, I also worked on this in watercolor. Etching with chine colle.

This is a partner piece for the little mezzotint Scout I. Also a mezzotint on copper.
I wanted to still play around with the Scout I plate, so I scraped in some background. I like both the prints, but for different reasons. I'll only print a small 2nd edition of these.
I have also worked on some more watercolors. Finishing my second more serious one this week. They are both the same subject as the prints. I just wanted to work in water color as well, to see how the ideas change as I work in different media. Here are some steps in watercoloring and the finished piece underneath.
The little mice are the Sneaky Suspects.

This is a little mini etching I wokred on just for fun. I wanted to make a little etching in a shape of a house. i ended up drawing a little cat on the inside. I think I'll make a couple more with different animals in there. This is about 2" wide and 2 1/2" tall.

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