Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Prints, Watercolors and Events

The days seem to have less minutes in them every day. Its been over a week since I last stopped by the TCC print studio, even though I have been carrying supplies with me every other day, thinking that I might have some time to swing by and get some work done. Semester is only 2 more weeks, and with family coming to town this weekend, it's not looking so good for the rest of the month either... I am trying though, maybe tomorrow before I have to go sit the Grand Impromptu Gallery.

I did have a chance to print a couple of weeks ago, finished two prints a large etching and a small mezzotint. (Both above) It was my first ever mezzotint to rock, scrape and print, and I was pretty happy with it. Theres a picture of me rocking and another wiping a plate at the TCC print studio. I am rocking my second round plate at home, and hope to finish it at some point in the ear future. The imagery has shifted from my factory farming theme to a George Orwellian animal takeover. Lots of imagination and humor is involved. The investigation is revelaing how animals are quietly scheming to take over. One can see them eavesdropping, having meetings and planning right now.

The two watercolors, the birds still in progress are also part of that series. They show the suspects that were caught and who to look out for. Below a picture of my mess at home.

Lastly but not least, I am taking part in the Tacoma Ladyfest June 6th at 1pm. Ladyfest Tacoma is an event celebrating, encouraging and showcasing the talents of female artists and performers. They give women the space to create, share, shine and hold an event that gives back to the community in support of women. All proceeds from the event will be donated to DAWN, a South-Sound non-profit organization whose mission is to end domestic violence by empowering survivors and fostering communities where abuse is not tolerated. I hope you can come, for more information please visit their website.

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