Monday, June 6, 2011

Splendid Spring!

I have not disappeared, and am still here. This move has taken all my strength first mentally and now physically, but we are finally on the home stretch of it I believe. We are in Germany, in a "permanent" house and our furniture arrived on Friday. Since then we have been furiously unpacking our belongings and trying to find a place for it all. My studio will be quite an interesting mixture of locations, having my heavy presses and flat file downstairs occupying half of the living room and the rest of it currently on the third floor attic/loft space. My feet and hands are swollen and my body - oh so - tired from unraveling paper, lifting and going up and down stairs. I tell 'ya I haven't had any trouble sleeping at night. ;)

My work has not been unnoticed during the last week or two, and prints were featured in three treasuries on Etsy. I'll relay them here, for lack of better pictures to post at this time. I'll put some pictures of my studio in progress this week.

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Stinson Fine Art said...

II'm a faithful reader Mirka and glad you back to the blog.