Friday, September 17, 2010

Exhibition at Tacoma Art Place

I have an exhibition up at Tacoma Art Place at the moment. Quick exhibit info:
Where: TAP, 1116 S. 11th St. Tacoma, WA
When: until Oct 10th
(If you can't make it to this one, no worries, I have exhibitions coming up in November, January and April.)

TAP is a non-profit art center in the middle of Tacoma. It is a great (and affordable!) place where locals can get together and make art. There are sewing machines, ceramic equipment, a photography dark room, stained glass and beading supplies to name some.

The front office faces the street and has some walls open for exhibition space. If you are interested in having a show there, contact the TAP exhibition coordinator for more info. The show was easy to set up, and I like the way it turned out. I was excited to show some new pieces that have not been out if Tacoma before.

Just two pictures from the reception below. The Tacoma art bus stopped by and brought a whole bunch of people by, and I was asked to talk a little about the artwork. The bus is a pretty fun idea. The galleries in Tacoma are spread apart, so instead of trudging to each one by your self, you can have a party on the bus, which makes stops around the best galleries in Tacoma every third thursday. The tickets are only $10 for the whole night. I need to get on this bus next month!

My work has also been featured on a couple of Etsy treasuries and a blog in the last months. I love both of these treasuries. One has a bird theme, and the other has such pretty colors!

The same bird print was also featured on Diane's Etsy Favorites blog. Her blog is worth checking out, she features her favorite picks from the endless universe of Etsy items.

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