Monday, April 6, 2009

What I've Been up to Lately

Well, it's been busy busy busy lately. But I guess thats a good thing to keep me out of trouble. I went the the SGC conference a week ago, and had a blast. I took some photos and video, that I mean to post, but haven't had the energy to edit them yet. I have cool videos of a foiling demo and a panel talk on new technologies in printmaking.

I have been making some illustrations and a logo so I am not completely sitting on my hands. A long time project, that I've mentioned before is Fabians creatures, which is a novel being written by Joshua Goldfond. So far I've completed 6 or 7 illustrations of all sorts of creatures, which has been great fun since animals are fun to draw. Josh is hoping to finish the book this summe, so keep your fingers crossed that we get it published.

My husband asked me to make a logo for his detachment in the army. Their mascot is a scorpion, I know-how cuddly, so he wanted the logo to be a skeleton riding a scorpion with their company patch in it somewhere (its the flag with the fleur de lis...). Anyways, completed that too tonight, so I thought I'd post it here for all to see.
Stay posted for those videos to come soon...

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