Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Exhibition coming up

A couple of my works were accepted into the upcoming juried exhibition titled Sustainable Source.
Sustainable Source is a show hosted by Longwood University’s Art Department and the American Democracy Project and it features works that highlight the theme sustainability and the resourcefulness of international contemporary printmakers and papermakers.
The works accepted are one of my light boxes and a couple of my small booklets (above) from 2006. The show opens this friday Sept. 29th and closes Oct 24th.
I am also working on a couple of commissions right now, I was going post pictures of them in a couple of days.
I also have to mention a couple of printmaking resources I ran into this week. One of them is another blog, Dean Clark's printmaking blog. He works for the Graphic Chemical company, and has updates on new materials coming out, conferences and other neat things related to printmaking.
Another website, Archival Methods, is a store that sells archival supplies-boxes, interleaving etc. They have very reasonable prices, and right now you can receive 15% off on your purchases. *CODE # 12066 for 15% off your next order*.(Valid until 12/31/2008)
Lastly a nontoxic printmaking website, with a lot of helpful information can be found at http://www.nontoxicprint.com/.

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