Saturday, June 14, 2008

Working those light boxes

I have been working on these two prints for a while now, and they are done! I have not had the time to fix up a vertical light box, so I had to take 2 of the photos sideways. I really like the way the vertical one turned out. I have three more to do for this series to finish it. I'm also working on some images for solarplates and linocuts.

My work will also be part of a portfolio "Picturing the Beast" organized by Jennifer Jenkins and Curt Bartone. It will be featured as an exhibition at the upcoming Southern Graphics conference in Chicago. Artists selected for the portfolio include Oscar Gillespie, Dale Clifford, Mark Hosford, Eun Lee, Loy McWhirter, Bert Menco, Heather Muise, Ashley Nason, Peter Olson as well as Jenn, Curt and I. So exciting!

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